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  1. This E-SIGN Policy (“ESP”) is incorporated by reference into, and governed by the agreement(s) by and between Big Idea Inc. (“Big Idea”, “we”, “us”, “our”) and you (“Agreements”) when you access and use our Platform. Defined terms with initial capital letters have the meaning as specified in the Agreements, unless defined in this ESP.

  2. This ESP only addresses the Electronic Signature of Contracts with us, as applicable, and agreements with Other Users within the Platform. Any electronic signing of agreements with Other Users outside of the Platform will be governed by the terms and conditions with the applicable third party who processes the electronic signing of such agreements.

  3. For purposes of this ESP, the following defined terms will be applicable: 

“Current Version” means a version or versions of the software or application that is currently supported by the publisher of the software or application.

“Electronically Signed”, “Electronically Sign”, “Electronic Signature” means the electronic process that indicates the acceptance of the terms and conditions of a document, with the information associated with the electronic signature stored on the Public Ledger, including a timestamp, and verification of the individuals who electronically signed the document. 

“Instruments” means NDAs and other agreements to be Electronically Signed by you and another party. 

“Internet” means a global network of computers and other electronic devices for accessing information.

“PDF” means the portable document format.

“Public Ledger” means a public distributed ledger that records many entries, where the entries are securely linked with the prior entries, and each entry includes a timestamp and transaction information.

“Records” means NDAs and other agreements that were Electronically Signed by you and another party.

  1. As part of our Platform, we have enabled features and functionality that allow you to Electronically Sign certain Instruments. Each time an Instrument is requested for Electronic Signature, you will be prompted to agree that you are agreeing (a) to Electronically Sign the applicable Instrument; (b) that your Electronic Signature is a legal representation of your signature; and (c) to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Instrument once you have been Electronically Signed the Instrument. 

  2. While you are a user of our Platform, all Records will be maintained in your Account for your reference, at any time.

  3. While you are a user of our Platform, you have the right to obtain paper copies of all Records. You have the option to print the Records using your own equipment. However, if you want us to send you a paper copy of any Record, you must notify us at the email address provided in section 9 below. Please note: if you request us to provide you with a paper copy of any Record, we will charge you a fee for each paper copy of each Record that you request. The charges will appear in your Account, and will be due and payable by you to us through our Payment Processor. 

  4. You have a right not to consent to the Electronic Signing of any Instrument, however, any non-consent on your part may not allow you to engage with other parties.

  5. In order for you to Electronically Sign any Instruments, you must have the following hardware and software:

  1. a Current Version of the following Internet browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safai, Microsoft Edge;

  2. a connection to the Internet;

  3. a Current Version of the program that accurately reads and displays PDF documents;

  4. a computer with an operating system capable of supporting all of the above;

  5. an active email address; and

  6. as applicable, a printer if you wish to print any of your Records.

  1. Instruments provided to you for your Electronic Signature may be in the English language or another language. If you are not fluent in the English language or the language of the Instrument, then you should consider obtaining the services of an interpreter or taking other steps to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the Instrument before you Electronically Sign the Instrument.

  2. Occasionally, we may make changes to this ESP. and the most recent version of this ESP is the one that applies to you. If we make material changes to this ESP, we will provide you with notice by displaying a prominent notice on our website or our Platform or by sending you an email. Please make sure you read any such notice carefully. Having received notice of any changes to this ESP, if you continue to access and use the Platform, then you agree to the updated ESP. Neither the course of conduct between the Parties nor trade usage will act to modify or alter the provisions of this ESP. 

  3. If you have any questions regarding this ESP, please contact us at


This ESP was last updated: December 22, 2023

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