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A Collaborative Licensing Platform for
Your Intellectual & Creative Assets

Think Brilliantly, Create Boldly, Protect Wisely

Our platform allows individuals and businesses to easily share their intellectual and creative assets for licensing. Users can collaborate with others to monetize their work, offering a streamlined process for negotiating contracts and managing agreements. By bringing creators and licensees together, we aim to maximize the value of creative content and digital human likeness.

For Creators

Big Idea empowers creators with a secure platform to protect, manage, and monetize intellectual property, turning innovative ideas into valuable digital assets through crypto-ledger technology.

For Businesses

We provide businesses with robust IP management tools, enabling secure registration, protection, and monetization opportunities for intellectual property in a dynamic marketplace.

For Universities & Research Institutes 

Big Idea facilitates universities and research institutes in safeguarding, managing, and commercializing academic innovations, enhancing their contribution to global knowledge and industry.

For Partners

For partners specializing in IP, Big Idea offers advanced tools for managing client portfolios, ensuring data integrity, and streamlining legal processes with a security and compliance first approach.

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The Big Idea Platform

Features & Benefits

Portfolio Management

Track and manage your intellectual assets efficiently, overseeing progress and opportunities in a unified dashboard.

Marketplace & Tech Transfer

Connect with buyers or licensees in our dynamic marketplace, monetizing your intellectual assets seamlessly.

Secure Collaboration

Collaborate with confidence through encrypted channels, protecting your ideas while fostering innovation.

Robust Audit Log

Maintain a detailed, tamper-evident log of all activities, ensuring transparency and security.

License Builder

Customize and generate licensing agreements tailored to your needs, streamlining the IP licensing process.

Research Journal Capability 

Enable secure, detailed documentation and tracking of research progress, safeguarding intellectual contributions with robust encryption and access controls for innovators and researchers.

Intellectual Asset Registration

Register your intellectual property securely with blockchain technology, ensuring tamper-proof documentation and protection.

Trade Secret Classification & Protection

Safeguard your most valuable secrets with state-of-the-art classification and protection mechanisms.

NDA Management 

Streamline the creation, execution, and storage of confidential agreements, ensuring secure, efficient handling of intellectual property rights and collaborations.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights with advanced analytics on user activity, idea performance, and market trends.

License Usage Tracker

Monitor how and where your licensed IP is being used, ensuring compliance with licensing terms.

Invention Disclosure Workflows

Streamline the submission and management of new inventions, facilitating secure, organized evaluation and protection of intellectual property within the innovation lifecycle.

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