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Shaping the Future of Intellectual Property for Tomorrow's Creators
Digital Likeness Rights & Brand Protection
IP Collaboration & Monetization
Gen-AI & VR Interoperability
For Creators
Big Idea empowers creators with a secure platform to protect, manage, and monetize intellectual property, turning innovative ideas, traditional IP, and Digital Likeness into valuable digital assets through crypto-ledger technology.
We provide businesses with robust workspaces focused on IP management, and enabling secure collaboration, protection, and monetization opportunities for intellectual property in a dynamic library of applications.
For Businesses
For Universities &
Research Institutes
Big Idea facilitates universities and research institutes in safeguarding, monitoring, managing, and commercializing academic innovations, enhancing their impact to global knowledge and industry.
For partners specializing in IP, Big Idea offers advanced tools for managing client portfolios, ensuring data integrity, and streamlining legal processes with a security and compliance first approach.
For Law Offices &
Big Idea Platform Features
Portfolio Management
Intellectual Asset Registration
Marketplace & Tech Transfer
Trade Secret Classification & Protection
Secure Collaboration
Agreement Management
Robust Audit Log
Analytics and Reporting
Licensing and Royalty Tracking
3rd Party App Store for
Legal Tools
Research & Inventor Journals
Invention Disclosures
Step 1
Create Your Account
Sign up on our platform to gain access to Big Idea's comprehensive suite of tools and services. It's quick, easy, and sets you up for success in protecting and managing your intellectual property.
Step 2
Create and Classify
Upload any documents, schematics, images, or files that define your new asset. You can update and add information to your IDEA as it grows, managing it through its entire evolution.
Step 3
Manage, Collaborate, & Monetize
Use our robust tools to efficiently manage your intellectual property portfolio and collaborate in real-time with others. Explore various monetization options to maximize the value and potential of your creative assets.
How Big Idea does it!
Our platform provides a secure and efficient way to register intellectual property using our patent pending Excalibur Method, that utilizes public hyper-ledgers and private quantum ledger databases. This provides a secure and transparent system for registering your ideas, trade secrets, digital likeness, and other intellectual property. As each digital asset gets registered, its attribution and ownership are recorded & timestamped in our dual-ledger system, ensuring that the information can never be altered or tampered with and making it easy to prove authenticity.
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