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Press Release: Big Idea, Inc. Launches Revolutionary Platform for Intellectual Digital Asset Management on the Eve of CES

Philadelphia, PA - 1/8/2024 9:00 AM – Big Idea, a visionary tech company at the forefront of intellectual property protection and management, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking platform. This launch coincides with the eve of the major Consumer Electronics Show (CES), setting the stage for Big Idea to showcase its innovative approach to securing and managing Intellectual Digital Encrypted Assets (IDEAs).

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Revolutionizing Intellectual Property in the Digital Era

Big Idea's platform is a game-changer in the world of intellectual property. Engineered with cutting-edge security measures and crypto-ledger technology, it offers a unique digital vault for creative and innovative assets. This launch marks a new era in how ideas, concepts, and trade secrets are protected and managed digitally.

Platform Features and Benefits

  • Idea Registration: A secure and streamlined process for creators to register their intellectual assets.

  • Marketplace: A dynamic space for users to monetize, collaborate, and explore innovative concepts.

  • Portfolio Management: Advanced tools for managing and tracking intellectual assets.

  • Collaboration: Opportunities for users to connect and co-create with global innovators.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Comprehensive insights into asset performance and reach.

  • Intellectual Property Protection: Unmatched security ensuring the privacy and safety of digital assets.

A Timely Launch at CES

Launching just a day before CES, Big Idea is poised to attract attention from tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and media alike. The platform's debut at such a prestigious event underscores its relevance and potential impact in the tech and intellectual property sectors.

Quotes from Leadership

"We're committed to safeguarding the vulnerable inception - the birth of an idea. From napkin scribbles to well defined IP. Our role is helping to covert potential into tangible assets."  - Nathan Hecker, CEO

"Big Idea is the answer to a growing demand in the tech world for a platform that can seamlessly integrate idea protection with market potential."  - Jarid Arnold, COO

Invitation to Media

We invite media representatives to visit our booth (60660 - Eureka Park) at CES for a firsthand experience of the Big Idea platform. Our team will be available for interviews, demonstrations, and discussions about the future of intellectual property management.

About Big Idea

Big Idea is not just another tech company; it's a collective of visionaries, innovators, and creators dedicated to rewriting the rulebook on intellectual property protection and management. With a focus on securing and managing intellectual digital assets, Big Idea bridges gaps in traditional IP protection, offering tailored solutions for individuals, businesses, and specialized institutions.

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