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Exploring the Impact of IDEAs on the Definition of Intellectual Property


In an era where digital transformation is not just a trend but a necessity, the concept of intellectual property (IP) is undergoing a significant evolution. Traditionally, IP has been viewed as a collection of intangible assets – creations of the mind like inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and images used in commerce. However, with the advent of technologies like those pioneered by Big Idea, the scope of what can be considered IP is expanding. This blog explores how Big Idea's technology is not just protecting traditional IP but is also opening doors to new types of intellectual property.

The Evolution of IP in the Digital Age

Big Idea's groundbreaking approach involves the tokenization of intellectual property, transforming it into Intellectual Digital Encrypted Assets (IDEAs). This digitalization process does more than just convert traditional IP into a more secure format; it potentially broadens the definition of what can be considered IP.

Tokenization: A Gateway to New IP Frontiers

Tokenization is the process of converting rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. In the context of IP, this means that creations of the mind, once intangible and challenging to quantify, can now be securely digitized, tracked, and traded. This transition opens up intriguing possibilities, here are a few examples:

  • Business Plans: Traditionally viewed as internal strategic documents, business plans with their unique insights and strategies can now be securely stored, authenticated, and potentially traded as IP assets through tokenization.

  • Educational Content: Teacher lesson plans, embodying creative and intellectual effort, can be protected and potentially commercialized, acknowledging their value as intellectual property.

  • Marketing Strategies: Customized marketing plans, designed for specific demographics or regions, can be tokenized, safeguarding the intellectual labor and creativity they embody.

  • Film and Media Concepts: Movie ideas and scripts, prone to theft and plagiarism, can be securely protected as IDEA, ensuring their originality and ownership rights are maintained.

  • Game Strategies: Innovative gaming strategies often the result of extensive creative process and research, can be tokenized, providing them with the recognition and protection as valuable IP assets.

  • City Planning Concepts: Urban development plans and innovative city planning ideas, which involve a significant amount of intellectual and creative effort, can be transformed into protected IP, recognizing the value of these comprehensive and often groundbreaking designs.

  • Event Ideas: Unique event concepts, including thematic designs and execution plans for corporate, entertainment, or personal events, can be tokenized, ensuring their creators retain control and receive due credit for their original ideas.

  • Culinary Recipes: Innovative culinary creations and unique recipes, often overlooked in traditional IP discussions, can be protected as IP, recognizing the creativity and expertise involved in culinary arts.

  • Fashion Designs: Unique fashion concepts and designs, which are highly susceptible to replication and piracy, can be safeguarded as IP, ensuring the original designers' rights are protected in the competitive fashion industry.

Trade Concepts: The New Frontier of IP

Big Idea's vision extends to what we term "Trade Concepts" – ideas that can tie commercial value to their uniqueness, influenced by factors like location, demographics, or marketing strategies. These concepts challenge the traditional boundaries of IP, suggesting that any creation of the mind that holds value and can be commercialized might be considered intellectual property.


The implications of this expanded view of IP are vast. It democratizes the ability to protect and monetize creative work, giving individuals and businesses a new way to safeguard their intellectual labor. As we continue to explore the potential of IDEAs and the Big Idea platform, we are not just protecting IP; we are redefining it for the digital age. The question is no longer what intellectual property is, but what it can become in this new era of digital assets.

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