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The Big Idea Platform Preview

The Future of Intellectual Property

Proof of Ownership

Securely and indisputably prove ownership of your intellectual property with our platform's robust registration and tokenization features.

Secure IP Collaboration

Sharing and promoting ideas or intellectual property can be challenging due to the potential for theft. The BIG IDEA! platform includes electronic Non-Disclosure Agreements (e-NDAs), enabling you to present your ideas to others while preserving your ownership

Buy, Sell, and License

We empower you to profit from your innovations, find inspiration, and license your intellectual assets with precision.

Culture of Innovation

Create a culture of innovation within your organization by enabling your team to freely collaborate, innovate, and protect their intellectual assets.


Validate the authenticity and ownership of your intellectual assets, enhancing your credibility and potential for monetization.

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We are the future of IP.

Big Idea redefines the landscape of intellectual property protection and management. Our pioneering platform, equipped with advanced security and crypto-ledger technology, offers a revolutionary approach to safeguarding and empowering your Intellectual Digital Encrypted Assets (IDEAs). Embrace the future with us, where your ideas are not just protected, they're propelled into a new era of innovation and opportunity.

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